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Professional Reference articles are designed for health professionals to use. You may find one of our health articles more useful. Osteochondritis myositis Knie OCD is a myositis Knie process affecting the subchondral bone most often in the knee myositis Knie of children and adolescents with open growth plates juvenile OCD myositis Knie young adults with closed growth plates adult OCD.

It may lead to secondary effects on joint cartilage, such as pain, oedema, possible formation of free bodies and mechanical symptoms, including joint locking. OCD may lead to degenerative changes if left untreated. The separation of articular cartilage and subchondral bone fragment from a myositis Knie surface was misnamed as osteochondritis dissecans in the nineteenth century in the false belief that there was an underlying inflammatory pathology.

We know now that this is not the case but the name has stuck. The myositis Knie fragment may become avascular and exist as a loose body within the joint. It is the most common cause of a loose body in the joint space of adolescent patients.

The cause is unknown. OCD most often affects the knee. OCD is more common in males. Early diagnosis is vital. Clinical myositis Knie can be subtle so have a low threshold for ordering X-rays or requesting an orthopaedic opinion. Juvenile lesions are typically stable, with an intact articular surface; they thus have the potential to heal with conservative management if detected early.

Alternative causes of the symptoms should be sought where there is no radiological myositis Knie of osteochondritis dissecans. In children and adolescents, myositis Knie apophysitis - eg, Osgood-Schlatter disease - may cause similar symptoms but the pain is usually localised to the relevant tendinous insertion with overlying tenderness and swelling.

There is a lack of reliable randomised controlled clinical trials. In general, the approaches used take into consideration the maturity of the growth plate, situation of the subchondral bone, stability of the lesion, dimensions of the fragment and integrity of the cartilage. Conservative treatment is more frequently successful if performed before growth plate closure.

Conservative treatments include analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication, load myositis Knie crutchesuse of an immobiliser, gentle physiotherapy and even the use of plaster casts.

The use of plaster casts has been criticised because of the risk that myositis Knie could myositis Knie towards chondral degeneration and joint stiffness. Total restriction of physical activities may lead to resolution of the process among younger patients.

Surgery is indicated in cases in which conservative treatment fails, for loose bodies and in cases of unstable or dislocated lesions, especially for adult OCD. Surgical approaches include:. OCD can result in pain, functional impairment, knee joint effusions, loose body formation and osteoarthritis. Mestriner LA ; Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee: diagnosis and treatment.

Rev Bras Ortop. Bone Joint J. Am Fam Physician. Am J Sports Med. Orthop J Sports Med. Epub Mar Curr Rev Myositis Knie Med. Curr Opin Pediatr. Murray JR, Chitnavis J, Myositis Knie P, et al ; Osteochondritis dissecans of the knee long-term clinical outcome following arthroscopic debridement. I'm 3 weeks post op today. I had several midfoot joints fused--I have plate on the top and myositis Knie of my foot as well as having a mortons neuroma removed between my 3rd and 4th toe.

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This article is for Medical Professionals. Juvenile form occurring with an open epiphyseal plate. Epidemiology Prevalence OCD most often affects the knee. Stable II Articular cartilage interrupted, low-signal rim behind fragment showing that there is fibrous attachment. Stable III Articular cartilage interrupted, high signal changes behind fragment and underlying subchondral bone. Unstable IV Loose body.

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Articular cartilage interrupted, low-signal rim behind fragment showing that there is fibrous attachment. Myositis Knie cartilage interrupted, high signal changes behind fragment and underlying subchondral bone.